Camp Niagara First World War

I have been interested in historic reenacting for many years having started doing American Revolutionary War then moving to War of 1812. When I gave up my musket for a camera I developed a new appreciation for recreating history as well as an appreciation for those who do. My wife Virginia and I spent a day down at Niagara on the Lake in Ontario at the Fort George National Historic Site photographing their World War One event. From 1914 until 1965 the area around Niagara on the Lake was known as Camp Niagara. During WW 1, 1914-1918, this camp was used to train Canadian soldiers before sending them off to France. Now I’ve never been fanatical enough as a reenactor to want to spend a weekend lying in a muddy trench, but many of my friends do. The First World War was one of those pivotal events in world history that changed the 20th century in ways that could never have been imagined. It touched every corner of the globe and it effects are still with us today. As old 19th century countries changed, new ones came into existence, empires fell, and people mourned the loss of whole generations. Warfare, for the first time, was practiced on an industrial level. As more and more people and resources where drawn into it both at home and on the ever increasing battle fields. Then on November 11, 1918 at 11:00 am in a rather anti climatic way, the First World War ended.

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