Take a camera, go out into the world and tell a Story

The history of man kind or people kind if you like has been one of stories and story telling. Starting back to neolithic times and further people would sit around a fire and tell stories to each other. This was how knowledge was past down to each new generation. With the advent of cave and rock paintings these became a way that stories and the knowledge they contained where recorded for posterity.

As people and technology evolved so to did the way stories where recorded. First on animal skins then on clay tablets, then the printing press. Finally the modern computer. As people evolved the written word slowly began to dominate the oral stories that people told. This coupled with images expanded our ability at story telling. But at the same time we began to loose that oral ability to tell a story. That sitting round the camp fire listening to the teller weave and spin his or her stories that would draw people in. These then evolved and became our first plays.

A camera has the ability to tell a story not in or of its self. Ansel Adams said; “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” And so the photographer becomes the story teller with the images that he or she takes. The camera simply become the medium or in the words of Marshall McLuhan; “The medium is the message.” The message being that finale image the photographer presents to the world.

Photography for me tells a story either in the realistic sense or in the abstract depending on how it is viewed. Each person who views that image brings their own ideas or interpretation to the story. There by making the second most important component, the twelve inches in front of a finished image. The camera simply becomes a tool that adds to the voice around a smoky fire that throws the story out to the listener or in this case. The viewer.

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